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Registered SEC EDGAR Filing Agent and Financial Printer



EDGAR - Electronic Data Gathering and Retrieval

EDGARization of your documents to compliant SEC html. We will take your word docs, excel spreadsheets, power point and pdf files and prepare them for SEC EDGAR filing. Our service also includes returning corresponding word documents matching the EDGAR proof. These corresponding word files can be used to submit edits as needed and, if used, will not incur any editing charges. 


XBRL - eXtensible Business Reporting Language

Appropriately identify and tag each of the facts contained within the financial statements and notes using the proper XBRL taxonomy.

Run validation to identify any calculation errors and send a report to you for review and updating.

Run complete validation for SEC EDGAR filing compliance for error free filing.

Provide a preview proof for your review.

Typesetting and printing


Printing services for Annual Reports, Proxy  and Information Statements, Prospectuses and more. If we have edgarized your documents, there are no additional charges for typesetting.

  • Typesetting of any document.
  • Printing and delivery to your transfer agent, underwriters, attorney and just about anywhere.

Press Releases

We provide SEC compliant press release distribution.


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